The Dixon Brothers Trilogy

By: Anna Durand

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The Dixon Brothers Trilogy - They're hot, British, and ready for action.
Chance. Reese. Dane. The Dixon brothers aren't looking for love, but when sexy American girls cross their paths, the passion is explosive. Experience the first three books in the Hot Brits series, with bonus chapters to leave you wanting more! Don't miss the audiobook featuring Shane East & Vanessa Edwin!
One Hot Chance
One Friday night, after a horrible day at work, Elena decides to cheer herself up with a one-night stand with a hot stranger. The guy who propositions her has a scorching bod and a sexy British accent. Cheered up? Check. Until Monday morning, when she walks into the office, and there he is. Her one-nighter is her boss’s ex-husband, Chance Dixon.
One Hot Roomie
Reese Dixon wants to score an American girl like his brother Chance did, but only for a bit of fun, not a relationship. When a miscommunication forces Reese to share an apartment with Elena’s best friend, Arden Clover Pesti, the sexy little American seems like the perfect candidate for two weeks of hot sex. The problem? Arden is a virgin. And slightly insane.
One Hot Crush
Dane Dixon needs a trophy girlfriend to hang on his arm, as publicity for his company. Asking his sexy personal assistant to take on the job might not be the best idea ever. For two months, Rika Solberg will pretend to be hot for him, pretend to adore him, pretend to love making out with him. They shouldn't enjoy it so much, but nothing can stop the sizzling chemistry that erupts between them.

Title:The Dixon Brothers Trilogy
Author:Anna Durand