Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns

By: Alex Berenson

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Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns - The third installment in the bestselling series that examines the real truths about COVID-19 by former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson. This section focuses on masks and the evidence that they do - or do not - protect their wearers and/or slow the transmission of the novel coronavirus. Does my mask really protect you? Does yours protect me? Find out here. Please note: This ebook contains only Part 3 of Unreported Truths. Parts 1 and 2 are available separately.

Title:Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns
Author:Alex Berenson

    Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns Reviews

  • Moron Rehab
    Alex Berenson, known for putting out the truth even when it goes against the tide of groupthink, has issued a well researched Part 3 of his book. The case for masks as protection from a virus changed overnight. Not from research over many years, but from political machinations by those who desire to test how far they can push against God-given rights. You know those life, liberty and pursuit of happiness things mentioned in the Constitution. Berenson makes the case, based on many years of studies as well as real world situations, that masks provide very little benefit in the battle against viruses in general and specifically the COVID-19 virus. Anyone interested in thinking for themselves and willing to question those who claim to have our best interest in mind, would do well to read Part 3 of Berenson’s book to expand their pool of knowledge on this subject.
  • NY Cuban Conservative
    Facts are facts, someone please start a class action suit to end the endless “Emergency Powers” mandating fallacies and fables of common good.
  • LynnPG123
    Well sourced and very interesting.
  • Etherspeed
    I have read all three booklets now and have appreciated this one greatly. Well spoken, put together and without much of his opinion. Alex lets the facts speak through his book. It is disheartening to see our nation and the world continue to define insanity.
  • BGreenzweig
    In a world where dissenting opinion is censored, Alex presents a comprehensive, fact-based overview of every recent, relevant and available study on the efficacy of masks for the prevention of SarsCov2 transmission. (Hint: they don’t work.) He opens the book with a statement we can all agree with, “I wish masks worked”. We all do because that would end the pandemic immediately, but we need to cut through the politics and read the science. Highlighted by the much anticipated, clinical Danish mask study, this book provides real data and real answers on why masks are nothing more than a placebo that takes away the value of real treatment and preventative measures that should be prioritized.
  • Jokay786
    Easy read. Well researched.
  • Wanna2read
    Outstanding. Quick and easy read. Comprehensive review of the current literature. Despite the fact it goes against the popular dogma this information should be readily available and part of the public debate. Doesn’t criticize or point fingers. Just lays out the facts.
  • InletNole
    A great synopsis of a lot of the information Alex provided on Twitter since pandemic started.
  • Aquadoc32
    I am a board certified ER physician. Offers compelling counterpoints to what has become an unquestioning and almost religious belief in universal mask mandates.
  • Ak-oh
    An extremely well-researched and very thorough exposé. We’ve all been duped.
  • Nuvo Failed
    A reporter who reads and reports the truth and doesn’t “fall in line.” Thank you Alex!
  • AKP317
    Finally a sane person explaining the science, the studies, and the real reason we’re forced to wear masks...symbolism not proof.
  • PackPride22
    If you feel as though you couldn’t materialize the skeptic thiughts inside your head regarding masks, don’t worry, this will clear it up. This was yet another fantastic argument put forth by Mr. Berenson in his Covid pamphlet series with evidence based arguments that will, hopefully, enlighten you.
  • Jbail33
    Finally some objective facts and observations about masks
  • Ilovesnacks567
    Excellent citations and the material was clearly presented.
  • Hurricane Brando
    I wanted to buy a hard copy off Amazon but that was censored and removed from the site the day the book debuted. Berenson continues to challenge the unfortunately accepted status quo with a timeline of quotes made by our “leaders” throughout 2020 along with a detailed history of mask related controlled experiments. Highly informative and a must read for anyone questioning the validity of the mask ordinances that face much of our society today.
  • Tim's Page
    I never understood what happened in April 2020 to completely alter the scientific position on wearing masks by so many “experts.” After reading this well researched article, I think I may now know. And it was not the science.